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I am a picture book illustrator and I teach others how to do the same.

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I am passionate about sharing everything that I’ve learned about picture book illustration in my online courses and membership program.

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"The Picture Book Illustration e-Course was an amazing experience. Everything was helpful and relevant. The online atmosphere was so positive for beginners and advanced alike ... as a beginner, I never felt looked down on or less important. Critique was given in a positive, affirming way. This course was one of the highlights of my year."

Jenny Peterson

"Because I hadn't illustrated a picture book before, I wanted a chance to work on a manuscript and to find out my strengths and what I could improve on. The Picture Book Illustration e-Course gave me a better understanding of visual story telling and added to my portfolio."

Amy Calautti

"As a self-publisher, I’ve found the course has meant that the quality of my work has jumped significantly. It’s made the investment of time and money extremely worthwhile."

Matt Glover
Counselling, Cartoonist, Author

"The online community was such a lovely experience and group… it will be hard to let it go. Just that supportive environment, which has been such a wonderful aspect of the course. It's not just the people that are in there, but it's the way you structure and run the course. It really gives you the right sort of attitude that you need to go forward. And, and that's hard to let go of.

To keep connecting to that, and to keep getting that infusion of attitude, support, and encouragement, made it possible for me to say, yes, this is possible and I really believe in myself and believe that it's possible for me. So, that's been fantastic." – Cher Hart

Why I do what I do

I am passionate about picture books stories and the characters that help tell them. I'm passionate about sharing everything that I've learned over the past 20-years to help you to fast-track your illustration journey.


Online learning allows you to complete coursework at home or in a library and to pace the course to suit your needs.


Every course comes with it's own workbook offering resources, diagrams, to-do's, top tips, tasks, and projects.


The online communities offer the support, accountability, and momentum to keep you on track.

"Nina is genuinely invested in each student’s growth. I loved the breadth of the class and found the lessons to be filled with valuable content. The Picture Book Illustration e-Course relit my passion and confidence for drawing and storytelling. I am truly grateful for the care, time and expertise that went into this course. "

Sarah Davies

"Before this course, I didn’t know how to consistently sustain a character image from one scene or action to the next — that was one of the things that frightened me most about venturing into children’s illustration — but Nina taught us how to … quickly and consistently develop our characters in different scenes and actions without losing their original character design, proportions, or personality. This has been a career-changing class for me, not only in the area of children’s illustration, but in all areas of my art."

Shawnee Fleenor

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